Popsicle Mania

I recently (re)acquired the popsicle molds of my childhood, replete with little straws built in the bottoms for enjoy every last dribbly bit. This act of engineering genius (coupled with the stifling heat) has sparked a popsicle renaissance in our freezer. My first recipe came more by way of necessity than inspiration—several nectarines were swiftly turning to unappetizing mush on the counter, but lo-and-behold, when whizzed with some agave and lemon juice they turned into scrumptious chucks of frozen summery goodness.

Next came the berry-rose pops. Some sad looking strawberries met a glorious end when coupled with frozen raspberries, a bit of hibiscus teas, agave and a touch of rosewater. I strained the pulp to get the seeds out and into the freezer they went. Delicious! Though terrifying to eat near anything white.

Then I tried mixing up some super-sweet cantaloupe with lime juice, coconut water and a little fresh ginger. Delicious, sweet, tangy, slightly spicy awesomeness.

Emboldened by success, I have been putting just about anything into these molds of frozen perfection (because when you are sweating while sitting still, inside, with several fans going, pretty much anything sounds better if it’s frozen). A mixture of almond milk and melted mint chocolate resulted an icy, refreshing nouveau-fudgesicle. Kombucha pops were less of a success (not a strong enough flavor ) but the were cold, so not all was lost.

Future flavor combinations may include:

+ Raspberry yogurt swirl

+ Orange Cremesicie

+ Toasted Coconut

+ Banana (with mini-chocolate chips?)

+ Strawberry & plum

+ Kiwi

+ Blueberry lavender

+ Chai

+ Strawberry mint lemonade

+ Fresh Pineapple

+ Sour Cherry

+ Café au Lait

+ Mango Lassi

+ Watermelon

+ Peaches & cream

+ Grapefruit

Any and all other suggestions will be tried and fed to my intrepid taste-tester!