Fancy-Pants Pizza di Patate

Take off your Italian fancy pants (Armani?), and pizza di patate is potato pizza. Yes, pizza with potato as a topping. Potato pizza is one of those things that just doesn’t seem like it should work but somehow does. Like potato-chip sandwiches. It’s actually very common in Italy, and if the Italians say it’s good pizza I think we humble American’t-cooks must defer judgment.

Now for you folks out there (like my mother) who are tsk-ing and saying that’s too much starch! and where’s the protein! I’ll have you know that potatoes are actually one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, containing particularly high doses of Vitamin C, B Vitamins and potassium. They offer a not-insignificant 3 grams of protein per tuber and have been shown to reduce high blood pressure and elevate mood. This is no big secret. Julia Child even praised the oft-vilified tater as being exceptionally low in calories and nutrient dense in one of her classic cooking shows (before dousing them in butter, cream and cheese… but still!).

My boyfriend discovered its wonders on our recent trip to the boot-shaped-homeland and proceeded to sample just about every variety he could get his hands on, often multiple times a day. Yes, this stuff is that good. Per his expert opinion, I decided to go with a diced potato topping (as opposed to slices) for more texture and potato-y flavor.

To experience its starchy joys yourself, put on those fancy pants*, brush off your Italian, and get in the kitchen!

1) Make or buy pizza dough (or get your future in-laws to make it for you).

2) Oil and sprinkle cornmeal on a baking sheet or pizza pan. Preheat the oven to 475°F.

2) On a big cutting board or clean counter (without flour!), roll out the dough into a thin rectangle or circle to fit into your pizza-baking receptacle. Pinch the edges to form a slightly thicker crust. Careful transfer to your dough to the sheet/ pan and press to fit. Set aside.

3) Peel and dice about 4 large or 8 small potatoes. I used Yukon Golds, but feel free to experiment with the variety.

4) Cover the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil and warm over medium heat. Add a teaspoon (or more, or less) or garlic. When just hot enough, add the diced potatoes. Stir a few times, to make sure they will not burn on the bottom. Cover (still stirring occasionally) and cook until tender but not mushy.

5) Drizzle some olive oil over the pizza dough. Spread the cooked potatoes over the dough. Sprinkle generously with sea salt. Top with cheese (vegan cheese, of course) and a couple of pinches of rosemary.

6) Bake for about 10 minutes, or until crust is golden and cheese is bubbly.

7) Manga, manga!

*Note: author will not be held responsible for you spilling olive oil all over your Armani trousers


2 thoughts on “Fancy-Pants Pizza di Patate

  1. Jenn, we should have made this patate pizza at the pizza party at Eric’s! i will try it soon myself! i agree with you on scones, I have a good recipe too. Your blog is foodie fun. I knew i liked you! Joan

    • Thanks Joan! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. It’s lots of fun to create. And do try the potato pizza, it’s pretty awesome – just ask O 🙂

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